Last January 17th at 10.30pm, a 3 minute video mapping inaugurated, on the 16 meter stage of the Teatro Arteria and broadcast on TV3, the well known Catalan TV channel.
The Catalan Cinema Accademy opened their doors for the technology to create, innovate and touch the audience.
During the Gala, the projections of Tigrelab accompanied the granting of the awards with different animations, among them, a parody of South Park, supported by the participation of Quim Masferrer, the presenter of the show.
The visual scenes became the prevailing theme of the night, involving the TV and theatre audience.
The process of creation and design of the project began from three basic ideas:
The Glamour, Cataloniwood, a word invented by Joel Joan, the President of the Catalan Cinema Accademy and to animate, virtually, a physical stage who’s walls seemed to come alive for a while. From this point on, Tigrelab team, together with Adrian Smith from DESIGNSTAGE, co-director and Artistic Director of the Gala and in collaboration with TV3, produced a genuine High Tech Gala.

The capabilities of coding in python inside Modul8 was to create powerful modules to fit our screening requirements. This was one of the biggest points for choosing this tool. While keeping the advantage to use all Modul8 features, we could make small changes to fit our sequence needs. The recently released MapMapMap module was also one of the key tool that made us decide to use Modul8. It helped us a lot during the early developing and testing the tool.
Through python scripting we’ve been able to create our customized modules in a really short period of time. With these we could keep track on all of the material and develop at the end of the process a really simplified method of controlling all the show, all the parameters that each video required, fast and easily from a MIDI keyboard in the live show.
  That was essential for us because we needed to keep control two computers at the same time and also follow the television requirements during the awards ceremony, while at the same time being capable of make changes to the performance continuously until the last minute.